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PhD candidate in computer science

Cognitive Workload & MI-BCI

1 minutes
January 1, 0001

Towards understanding the effect of user’s cognitive state on BCI performance


This ongoing project aims at assessing participants’ cognitive load during MI-BCI training using different measures (e.g. subjective questionnaires, EEG, reaction times) and its relationship on learning evolution during the session. We will recruit around 20 participants that will participate in three MI-BCI training sessions, each on a different day, lasting 2 hours each. First, we will assess participant’s working memory abilities with the number span task from the Weschler Adult Intelligence Scale (WAIS-IV, 1955). Also users will be asked to fill in different psychometric tests, during the sessions, to assess their cognitive states. During the session they will be equipped with an EEG cap in order to control the system with mental imagery (i.e. MI-BCI training). In order to monitor a subject’s workload during the training, participants will first complete a passive BCI task. Our hypothesis is that cognitive load will vary during the training and will be linked with learning performances. We predict that the task design will have an effect on the participant’s cognitive load and learning performances.

Other members

Léna Kolodzienski, Fabien Lotte, Aline Roc, Thibaut Monseigne


Ongoing project, no publications so far.