Hi, I'm Aurélien

PhD candidate in computer science

Aurélien Appriou


I’m a third (and last) year PhD student at Inria Bordeaux Sud-Ouest, and part of the awesome team Potioc ! In our team, we design, develop and evaluate new approaches that exploit multimodal interaction to promote a stimulating user experience. In particular, we explore approaches based on mixed reality (AR, RV), tangible interaction, brain-computer interfaces, and physiological interfaces.

Supervised by Fabien Lotte, I’m focusing on estimating learning-related mental states such as workload, curiosity, emotions or fatigue from EEG and physiological signals, in order to understand individual users’ capabilities and motivations to learn. Being able to measure such mental states with EEG and bio signals would allow to adapt training approaches and tools to different learners. In another part of my work, I’m implementing a Python library (BioPyC) to easily compare and benchmark both Signal Processing algorithms and Machine Learning algorithms for offline EEG and bio signals decoding.

Here begins your journey through the details of my PhD thesis, made of many contributions and publications… Enjoy !